Signatories – Open Letter #Decrim2018 for Liberal Convention

Summary of individual endorsers – 188 signatures as of April 15 evening:
(a further 213 individuals have endorsed since, but are not included in this summary)

Close to 30% are medical or health professionals; 15% are direct-service or ‘frontline’ workers on the overdose crisis. 25% are academics, or non-academic research and policy development. Five per cent are legal professionals. Over 60 % are ‘People With Lived Experience’ – either themselves at risk of overdose, or with family/friend(s) at risk or who have died from overdose.

Endorsers include doctors, nurses, lawyers, police, firefighter, peer workers, mental health workers, addiction counselors, advocates, … Also Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson and city councillor Andrea Reimer, Canadian Association of Social Workers president Jan Christianson-Wood, and former interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Bob Rae.

** Organizational Signatories – updated **

Boyle Street Community Services (Edmonton)
BC Civil Liberties Association
Canadian Association of Social Workers
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Criminalization and Punishment Education Project
Families of Sisters in Spirit
GPDOTS (Get Prescription Drugs Off The Street Society)
Harm Reduction Nurses Association
Journal of Prisoners on Prisons
keepSix – Supervised Consumption Services (Toronto)
Moms Stop The Harm
No One Is Illegal – Toronto
Overdose Prevention Ottawa
Overdose Prevention Society Vancouver
PIVOT Legal Society
Say Know – Drug Education Project Non-Profit
Toronto Overdose Prevention Society

** Individual Signatories – updated: currently 401 total **

Adam Keller
Adam Levine – President of the Pontiac Federal Liberal Association
Aislinn Gallivan
Alex Healy – CFO viadoodle Inc.
Alex Mayer
Alexander Jeschor
Alexandra Belanger
Alexandra Collins – British Columbia Centre on Substance Use, Research Assistant; Simon Fraser University, PhD Candidate
Alexis Shotwell
Alice Maguire – Social Worker
Alison Smedley – Library Science Student
Allie James
Amanda Bradford – Child and youth worker
Amanda Leo
Amy Graves – President of GPDOTS
Andrea Reimer- City Councillor
Andreas Pilarinos – Doctoral Student, University of British Columbia
Angela James – business owner
Angela Welz
Ann Murray
Anna Cooper – Pivot Legal Society, Staff Lawyer
Anne Marie Lasuta
Anne Verkerk
Anne-Marie – Student
Annelies Becu
Annika Ollner – Social Worker
Anthony Chimera
Aralee Johnson
Arij Riahi – Lawyer
Arlene Last-Kolb – Moms Stop The Harm Chapter leader Manitoba
Arthur Sherren – Boyle Street Community Services
Arwen McKechnie
Audrey Lusignan
Audrey Monette – Academic (criminology)
Avery Quesnel – Teachers Assistant
Bernadette Lettner – Hep C treatment nurse
Bianca Waked – Student
bita mary eslami – Heads and Hands
Bob Rae
Bobby, j – Outreach Worker
Bozica Costigliola
Brandon Abar – Power Engineer
Brenda Warner – Retired
Brent Pierce
Brett Hagardt
Brian Henderson – Retired Director, Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Brook Gagnon
Bruce Robinson – Self employed
Caitlin Beaton
Caitlin Shane – Lawyer, Pivot Legal Society
Candace Day Neveau
Cara Stringer – Social Worker
Carey Linde – lawyer
Carol Mackie – Mother of an overdose victim
Carrie Ann – Sasktel
Casey Hrynkow – Masters student, SFU
Cassandra King – LPN-Licenced Practical Nurse
Catherine Fookes
Dr Catherine Gray – MD
Catherine Hacksel
Cathy Crowe – Street Nurse
Cecil Raliek
Chad Clarke – Canadian Coalition to Reform HIV Criminalizatiom
Chantal Briere – Case Worker
Charene Monk
Charlene Winger
Chelsea Cameron
Cheryl Wagstaff
Chris Landry
Christine Bossley
Christopher Henderson – McMaster University – Regional Program Administrator
Chuck McLeod
Claire Touchette
Clara Casucci-McLeod – Aunt to my nephew, Jordan
Clare Keast
Colin Robert Mcculloch
Corinne Chapman – Mother of Bradley Chapman who died of an overdose in 2015
Corinne Woods – Moms Stop The Harm
Cydney West – Licensed Practical Nurse
Dale Edwards – supporter of Moms Stop the Harm
Dalene Bodechon
Dan Warner – Retired
Dana Dmytro
Danya Fast – Research Scientist, British Columbia Centre on Substance Use
darlana treloar – Moms Stop the Harm
Darlene Augustson – The Compassionate Friends of Vernon
Dave Wahn
David Juurlink – Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto
Dr David Marsh – Professor, Northern Ontario School Of Medicine
David S – MA student
David Wright – Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa
Dr. Dawn Moore – Associate Professor, Carleton University
Dean Wray – Concerned Citizen
Debbie Lewis – Mother of daughter who died from fentanyl poisoning
Deborah Gatenby
Deborah Watson – MSTH
Delia Cassatini – Mother and Grandmother, Retired
Denise Marie Vandal
Dennis Long – Breakaway Addiction Services
Desiree Giroux
Diane Hannah – MSTH
Diane McNally – Parent; Public Education School Trustee
Dianne Martin – Chief Executive Officer, Registered Practical Nurses of Ontario
Dianne Thompson
Dominique Adams – RN
Donald MacPherson – Canadian Drug Policy Coalition
Donna May – Moms United and Mandated to Saving the Lives of Drug Users (mumsDU)
Dr. Dorothy Bakker – University of Guelph, Student Health, Physician; McMaster University, Associate Clinical Professor
E. Koyanagi
Elizabeth Scott – Nurse Practitioner
Ellen Pavanel – Family Physician
Emilie Taman – Replacement professor, University of Ottawa Faculty of Common Law
Emily Jenkins – University of British Columbia, School of Nursing, Assistant Professor
Emma Slaney Gose – MSW, RSW
Erica Reid
Erica Schoen
Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes – UBC
Evan Krisciunas
Evelyn Violini
Felix Attard
Fernand Magnin – Retired teacher, father of a girl who died from Fentanyl poisoning
Frank Ferris
Garry Burgess
Gary Barwin
Gaylene Lalonde
Geoff Bardwell, PhD – Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia; BC Centre on Substance Use
Gerald Bakker
Gerry Pearpoint
Gillian Kolla
Ginetta Salvalaggio – University of Alberta
Gisèle Bouvier – retired
Glen Leiper – Parent
Greg Macdougall
Gregor Robertson – Mayor, City of Vancouver
Hakique Virani – Clinical Assistant Prof – University of Alberta; Medical Director – Metro City Medical Clinics
Hannah Cowen – Retired Nurse
Hayley Munroe Craig – Karmik/Owner & Co-Founder & Outreach Director
Heather Fookes – Mother
Heather Palis – University of British Columbia, School of Population and Public Health, PhD Candidate
Helen Funnell – Registered Nurse
Hille-Mia Haavisto – Lukas Goguen’s House Society
Ingrid Guillet
Irene Paterson – Moms Stop the Harm
Iris Youngberg
Jackie Kennedy – Harm reduction worker
Jamie Hucul
Jamie MacKinnon
Jamie Whittaker
Jan Christianson-Wood – Canadian Association of Social Workers, President
Jane Harding – Moms Stop the Harm
Janice Abbott – CEO, Atira Women’s Resource Society/Atira Group of Women-Serving Agencies
Janie Wray – North Coast Cetacean Society
Janine Stevenson – nurse supervisor
Janine Violini – Administrative Consultant and Trainer
Jason Gorr
Jason mcgrath
Jen Farquharson
Jen Ko
Jen Tarnowsky
Jenna Valleriani – Strategic Advisor, CSSDP; Post-doctoral fellow
Jennifer Carter
Jennifer Kilty – Associate Professor, Criminology, University of Ottawa
Jennifer Windsor
Jesse Young – Programming Coordinator
Jessica Gladu
Jessica McEachern – youth outreach worker
Jia Hu
Jill Robinson – Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Jim Belanger
Joe Regnault – BA Criminology/EMS/SAR Technician
Joey Huff – Graphic Designer
John Haight – Health Navigator
Jonathan Gormick
Josee M Cyr-Charlebois
Joseph Casucci – Father of 4 children
Joshua Brown
Josiah Frith
JP LeBlanc – Peer Support SHCHC
Julia Parrott – Student
Julie Vail
Kaitlyn Montgomery – Registered Nurse
Kapri Rabin – Street Health, Executive Director
Karen Cettiga
Karen R Whitehead – OPO core member / DUAL coordinator
Kari Ursulescu – Medicine Hat Drug Coalition
Karim Alameddine
Kat Metcalfe – Mother
Katarina Bogosavljevic – Masters Student
Kathleen Scott – Self employed
Kathy Wagner
Katrina Pacey – Pivot Legal Society
Katrina Stephenson – Supervised Consumption Services
Kelly White – Street Health
Kenny Arsenault
Kerry Porth – Sex Work Policy Researcher
Kevin Hollett – BC Centre on Substance Use
Kevin Poskitt
Kim Abrams
Kim Leclerc – Mom
Kim Pare
Kirsten Marchand – PhD student
Dr. Kora DeBeck – Simon Fraser University, Assistant Professor
krishna e bera – individual
Kristel Guthrie – RN
KS Buffett – Chef
Kylie – Boyle Street Community Service
Laura Day
Laura Neidhart
Laura Thompson
laurel keating – MSTH
Lee Gangbar – Registered nurse
Leigh Chapman – Toronto Overdose Prevention Society
Leila Attar – Co-Organizer at Overdose Prevention Ottawa
Leon Laidlaw – Carleton university, Sociology (PhD student)
Leslie McBain – co-founder Moms Stop the Harm
Lexie Matsunaga
Liadan McNaughton
Liam Kennedy
Linda Belanger – MSTH
Linda Schaeffer – MSTH
Lindsey Richardson – University of British Columbia / Assistant Professor
Lisa Boucher – PhD student (Epidemiology and Public Health)
Lisa Lloyd
Lisa Reinbolt – Grieving mother
Lisa Wright
Lise Loubert – Physician
Liz – Youth Outreach Worker
Liz Singh – Streetworker, Heads and Hands
Lloyd Bowers – Manager, Mental Health and Addictions
Lorna Thomas – Moms Stop The Harm, Co-founder
Louise Lafond – Registered Nurse
Luisa Rotella
Lyn Firth – Lyn Firth Counselling for women; Registered Professional Counsellor
Lynn Mather – Retired social worker and addictions counsellor
Lynn Palfenier
M-J Milloy, PhD – BC Centre on Substance Use / Research scientist
Madeleine Fast
Madison Turner
Margaret McGregor – Physician
Margaret Morphy – Retired
Marie-Eve Sylvestre – Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa
Marieve Groulx – Registered nurse
Marilou Gagnon
Marion Wright – Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services, Executive Director
Martha Jackman – Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa
Marty Fournier
Mary Clare Kennedy – PhD student, University of British Columbia
Masayuki Lauriault
Matt Ingrouille – Say Know – Drug Education Project / Founder / Director
Matthew Champ
Matthew Witt – Member: Moms Stop The Harm
Matty Gaudet – Overdose Prevention Worker
Maureen Christensen – Mother of deceased son (2017)
Megan Lowry – Toronto Overdose Prevention Society
Meghan Murphy
Melanie Spence
Mélanie Stafford
Melinda Lively
Mélissa Beaulieu – Student
Mellany Buryska – Social Worker
Merissa Taylor-Meissner – South Riverdale Community Health Centre
Michael J Lee – Nurse Practitioner
Michael Spratt – Partner, Abergel Goldstein & Partners
Michael Zelle
Micheal Vonn – BC Civil Liberties Association / Policy Director
Michel Chateauvert, MD
Michelle Thiessen – Researcher
Mike Temple
Nancy – Peer support at St Felix winter respite
Nanda Casucci-Byrne
Naomi A
Natalie Duchesne
Natalie Kallio – Coordinator, keepSIX Supervised Consumption Services, South Riverdale Community Health Centre
Natalie Kaminski – Peel HIV AIDS Network/Women’s health promotion coordinator
Natasha Coldevin
Natasha Touesnard – Halifax Area Network of Drug Using People, HANDUP. Project Coordinator
Nick Boyce – Ontario HIV and Substance Use Training Program / Director
Nick Etches
Nick G
Niki Lucas
Nina Lawrence – Social Worker
Olivia Polk
Pam Macdonald
Patricia Bailey – Mana Luxury Golf Excursions
Patricia Hamilton – Moms Stop The Harm
Patrick Adams
Patrick McKenna – Ottawa Salus, Case Manager
Patti Dawson
Patty Cortis – Concerned Citizen
Paul Camire
Peter Kim – Pivot Legal Society
Peter McLaren
Petra Schulz – Moms Stop The Harm, Co-Founder
Rachael P
Rachel Boyle
Rajdeep Kandola – Physician Lead East Calgary Family Care Clinic
Randi Wasyliw
Rebecca Saah – University of Calgary
Rebekka Regan – social worker, longtime Insite worker
Reem Buhaisi – Nursing Student
Reid Dunlop – Big International Corp, Inc.
Rhonda Carter – Service
Rhonda Tremblay – Alberta Health Services
Rob Boyd – Sandy Hill Community Health Centre, Oasis Program Director
Rob Gurney – ARCH PSW
Robert Casucci – Teacher
Robert Fitzpatrick – Hope For Freedom Society Shelter Worker Supervisor
Robert Stringer
Robyn Hartley – Registered Nurse
Rod Knight – Research Scientist
Roland Smitas
Roxie Danielson – Inner City Family Health Team / Registered Nurse
Dr. Roy Male
Russell Maynard – PHS community Services Society, Senior Management
Ruth Verkerk – Patient Voices Network of BC
Ryan McNeil – Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, UBC
Sajida Afridi – Metro City Medical Clinic/Physician
Sally Kupp – Overdose Response Vancouver
Samantba Tuba
Sandeep Prasad – Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights / Executive Director
Sanderica Quesnel Malanka – Support Worker and Fulltime Student
Sandra Tully – Moms Stop The Harm
sarah blyth – Overdose Prevention Society
Sarah Sheridan
Sarah Stewart – Owner, Open Minds Mental Health Education and Training
Scynthia Alana Ross – Peer worker at Away home Ottawa, outreach worker for Spange, peer harm reduction worker
Sean LeBlanc – Drug Users Advocacy League
Sean Winger – Educator PWLE
Serge Chahal
Shannon Balla
Shanyn Simcoe – Registered Nurse
Sharon Findley
Shawn Simmonds
Sheila Horst
Sheila Jennings – Doctoral Student, Osgoode Hall Law School
Shellee Pilgrim
Shelley Bradshaw – Registered Nurse
Shelley Taylor – Chair, Venus Envy Bursary Fund
Sherri Lewis
Sherry MacDonald – writer, member MSTH
Sherry Robinson
Sheryn Sauve
Simone Goyes
Soren Wainio-Theberge
Dr. Stacy Douglas – Assistant Professor, Law & Legal Studies, Carleton University
Stanislav Kupferschmidt – Harm Reduction Outreach Worker/ SWCHC
Stephanie Gasbarrino
Stephanie Lake – PhD Student, UBC; Member of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP)
Stephanie McCune
Stephanie Roy – Compensation Advisor, Government of Canada
Sue Deuchars – Advocate / activist , grieving mother
Sukhi Mann
Susan Boyd – University of Victoria, Professor
Susan Laurin
Susan Robblee – Moms Stop the Harm
Sydney Simmonds
Sylvia Mennear – Mother of deceased son
T Akins
Tami Everding – McMaster University/Regional Program Administrator
Tanja vasalic
Tara Lee Romeo – Beyond 12 Steps Healing Treatment Center Program Director
Tara Major – Administrator
Tatem Littlejohn
Tave Cole – Toronto Overdose Prevention Society
Taylor Fleming – BC Centre on Substance Use
Terry Lake – VP CSR Hydropothecary
Theresa Simmonds
Thomas Ferrao
Tim Strain
Travis LaCroix
trudy hladun
Tyla – MSTH
Ummni Khan – Carleton University Associate Professor
Valerie – Community Support Worker
Vera Caine – University of Alberta, Professor
Verity d’Eon – Harm Reduction Worker
Veronique Lalonde – RN
Victor Willis – PARC/Executive Director
Victoria Peter – Law Student, Osgoode Hall Law School
Vikki Reynolds, PhD RCC – Clinical Supervisor
Von Jeppesen
W. A. Bogart – Author
Wanda Menzies – Registered Nurse
Wendy – Parent and front-line professional
Wendy Fleming
Wendy Piccott – Account Manager
Yvette Perreault
Yvonne Wallace
Zoë Dodd

national committee